Dark Soul 2 review: Gameplay, Comparison and more

Dark soul 2 is a game that is pretty similar to playing baseball but with some different set of rules. Unlike the predecessor, this game hits a wide range of audiences with demanding, punishing and rewarding experiences. This game has some new features which is discussed in the Dark Soul 2 review. The new update is done in single-player mode as well as in multiplayer mode, which is not quite up to the notch but still, enough to keep the players interested in its irresistible challenges and exceptionally well gameplay.

Am I disappointed?

I won’t soften the blow by saying that this game was extremely good from beginning to the end instead I will admit that I was disappointed in some parts of the game while completing the 60 hours journey. Just like its predecessor no deaths in the game were ever left in vain. With each death in the game, I learned the game better. I learned the pattern of enemy attacks and the traps left for me in the environment as the game proceeded but I will admit that no difficulty in the game made it unplayable.

With a penalty that decreases your max HP every time you die is a thing which went a little too far in the software by the developers which is why I say “almost”. Those Human Effigy items are few and far between in the early half of the campaign which counteracts the HP thing in the game. My urge to explore the world with a fear of being too harshly penalized for my failure was a bit frustrating. I’m a much bigger fan of how the original Dark implemented it despite this feature in the game being similar to how it was in Demon’s Souls.

What did I like in the game?

The sprawling and diverse world of Dark Souls II proves to be ripe for non-linear exploration which is the reason why I pushed through and was rewarded for it. At least a handful of different routes through the world is at your disposal which is one of the favourite elements of this game. You can work your way down a well and find a tomb full of talking rats when you are stuck at haunted dock full of fire-wielding marauders. You can head down another path to the Shaded Woods instead, and come back once you’ve leveled up if you can’t get past a particularly tricky boss.

With a wide variety of different locales, the world of Drangelic is massive and filled. To what feels like the bowels of hell itself, to marshes layered with thick coats of poison, and between crumbling seaside kingdoms you will be traveling all of them. A certain cohesion that was present in the original is lacked by Dark Soul 2. It all seemed to fit together naturally, no matter how fantastical the setting got. Dark Souls II feels more like a large collection of levels than one natural single world with all the variety here and the ability to fast travel on a whim.


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