Astro C40 Controller Review: Price, Durability and more

A high-end version of the Xbox One controller was introduced by Microsoft which was called The Elite in 2015. Despite costing more than double what a standard controller would cost, it was immediately popular. For the PlayStation 4, a similar high-end controller option is yet to offer by Sony even four years later. That void has been filled instead by third-party hardware companies with mixed results. Astro c40 controller review.

Astro C40’s price and comparison

After Sony’s DualShock 4, the Astro C40 TR is the first PS4 controller which has impressed me a lot. But the price of this controller has some heavy price weightage. It costs $199.99. With that money, you can easily buy four DualShock 4 controllers. The expenditure of money depends on a number of factors whether or not the controller is worth that much money. Those factors include what kind of games you play, where you play, and how often you play. This might be the controller for you if your answers are “shooters,” “PS4 and PC,” and “constantly”.

The newcomers for these high end controllers would probably wonder why its priced so high. And the competitive advantage is the short answer for that question. The player are allowed to keep their fingers on the analog sticks and triggers at all times because of the “back paddles” which most competitive controllers feature.

Astro C40’s design

As compared with some of its competition, the C40 TR has fewer back paddles at just two, but even for hardcore players that should be plenty. They are built right into the molding of the controller which is a nice thing about the back paddles on the C40. As is the case with the Scuff Vantage or the Xbox One Elite controller they don’t look like detachable hangers-on. Resting where the tips of your middle fingers fall on the back of the controller they fit right in with the design in case of C40 controllers.

The controller feels right. The design of C40 looks and feels like it could withstand the wear and tear of a few thousand Overwatch matches. Without being too heavy, its got a heft. Through a long gaming session it doesn’t become exhausting to carry because of its high quality build. The C40 really feels like it could weather the apocalypse as with that much investment this really needs to be a controller that can survive for several years.


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