Eminem’s newest single “Higher” released on ESPN’s pre-show for UFC

Conor McGregor will be battling Justin Poirier in an anticipated rematch at UFC 257 tonight which is the anticipated return to the octagon for the UFC star. Eminem’s newest single Higher which was released on ESPN’s pre-show for UFC 257 and featured a number of notable UFC and ESPN cameos has released its music video. As you can see in the video as he prepares for a fight against his own demons, and then can even be seen at a weigh-in against his opponent, and in the middle is an ESPN segment to make it all feel authentic Eminem can be seen dishing out lyrics in a ring. Michael Eaves who is the host in the ESPN segment talked about Eminem’s fight and invites him himself to join in on the mock interview which occurs about midway through. Clips of UFC fights are also spliced in throughout and we see Dana again at the weigh-in.

Eminem diss UFC Chief Dana White

Kevin Wilson who is the music director of ESPN said in a statement that it has always been amazing for him to be able to work with Eminem for contents of promotion and programming on different ESPN properties over the years. It was just invaluable for him to be able to work on this video together with his team – not only featuring our team’s great UFC coverage but also debuting it exclusively on ABC. Music to be Murdered By – Side B is a the deluxe edition that adds a whole other album’s worth of material to the original album in which Higher is the latest single.

eminem nnu

As for UFC 257 McGregor and Poirier will be the main event and the event is airing live from Abu Dhabi U.A.E. We’ll have to wait and see if McGregor can come out victorious again as he had won the first go-round between the two with a TKO in the first round in 2014. Early Prelims will kick off at 7 PM EST and UFC 257 will be available exclusively on ESPN+. Followed by the main card at 10 PM EST Prelims will start at 8 PM EST.

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