Do you know Fans are waiting for Leroy Reaction?

To avoid becoming a target Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett don’t work closely together after entering ‘The Challenge 36’ as a couple. Williams walked away with her gold skull after she ended up in elimination before she wanted to. Many fans are living for her boyfriend’s reaction who was impressed by her performance. While filming The Challenge: Vendettas in early 2018 Are You the One? 5 rookie Kam Williams and veteran Leroy Garrett met. She fell for him throughout the season where the two both made it to the finals.

Complication between Leroy and Garrett

Complication between Leroy and Garrett | NNU
Complication between Leroy and Garrett | NNU

They lived on opposite sides of the country, and Garrett didn’t want to enter into a long-distance relationship even though he had feelings as well. A year later Williams wanted to flirt with her partner, UK-based rookie Theo Campbell while War of the Worlds, the veteran wanted to reconnect. She spent a lot of time at Garrett’s place in the following season. However, they were led to miscommunication after they didn’t define their relationship. They rekindled their romance during filming for the following season, War of the Worlds 2 after William ended up leaving somewhat on bad terms. They made their relationship official through Instagram in February 2020.

Leroy and Garrett decision to get rid of controversy

Complication between Leroy and Garrett | NNU
Complication between Leroy and Garrett | NNU

They returned for the following season of Double Agents after taking a break for Total Madness. To avoid becoming a target they worked with different people in the house and don’t vote the same way even though all the other houseguests know the couple is dating. By orchestrating the blindside of former champs CT Tamburello and Ashley Mitchell, Williams took control during the first episode. It was a girls’ elimination, Williams and Garrett remained in a good spot which ended up backfiring him. The housing target Theresa Jones wanted to pit strong females and allies Mitchell and Williams against each other to guarantee only one returned when she became a double agent. Impressing her competitors and putting a smile on Garrett’s face Williams “activated” she alter ego Killa Kam and soared through the elimination.

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