You must know what happened to Trey Songz! Jailed?

Songz was arrested in a low-grade felony for trespassing, resisting arrest, and for assaulting a police officer according to a law enforcement source. He is on a 24-hour hold right now but will be released tomorrow night. During the KC Chief’s game, Trey Songz got in the middle of a physical altercation with a police officer and according to the witnessing fans, the cop was way out of line. In the video obtained from Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, the police saw that at first the officer and Trey were in the struggle. Trey punches the officer on his head and then gets him in a headlock but after that, the officer pins Trey to one of the seats in the stadium.

Witness Statement

Trey Songz | NNU
Trey Songz | NNU

According to one witness, this was started when some of Trey’s fans sitting a few rows behind him bullied him due to which he asked them to calm down. The police were told that after then the officer without any warning approached him and went after him. The witness told that Trey in order to defend himself got into a fight with the officer as the officer caught him off guard.

Crowd Response

Trey Songz | NNU
Trey Songz | NNU

Until additional officers arrived at the fight the witness told that everyone could hear the fans shouting at the officer to get off from Trey. The officer was being yelled at by Trey’s fans to get him arrested. After the arrival of backup Trey and the officer were separated from each other and then Trey was put into handcuffs.

Currently Trey is in police custody but we don’t know right now whether he is simply detained or booked for anything.

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