Rick Ross faces criticism over his resurfaced on vh1’s ‘sighed

A new show with the name, Signed was launched by VH1 back in 2017. This was a Hip hop and R&B music audition type series whose judges were Lenny. S, Rick Ross and The Dream in which the winner would get signed to one of their respective record labels. The show, however, got canceled after its first season but recently a clip from the show has reappeared on Twitter which has made its fans angry on Rick Ross.

Past Audition

Rick Ross | NNU
Rick Ross | NNU

During one episode two contestants Kaiya and Brittany were auditioning for the judges. Brittany sang her version of the song at first using the instrumental of Rick Ross Ashton Martin Music. After her audition, while Ross and Dream applauded for her Lenny. S called the audition the smartest move of her life. She pointed out that some other contestant also had the same beat as hers who was the next person going to audition whose name was Kaiya.

Ross cut Kaiya Audition

Rick Ross | NNU
Rick Ross | NNU

Ross cut Kaiya during her audition and told her that the use of her Ashton Martin Music instrumental was not at all good for her voice despite impressing everyone with her vocals. He said that Brittany’s voice was better than hers and Kaiya had a unique voice. He urged her to be a superstar while presenting her music. After her audition, Kaiya had the opposite thoughts and she shared them with the viewers. She said that she wrote the song on her own and was her original and Brittany used the same exact ad lips and melody as hers. She said that Ross was so blinded by Brittany’s butt that he didn’t pay any attention as he should have in their performances.

After this clip went viral everyone on the Internet said that Kaiya had the better audition and hammered Rick Ross for his comments. The clip was shared with a caption saying that the music industry is in a nutshell.

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