“Micheal Myer’s Escape In Halloween Kills And Thing You Should Know”

As a variety of scary movies hit theatres to critical and box office acclaim, the horror genre has been in a renewal for the past few years. A lot of old classic movies have been rebooted in recent years including 2018’s Halloween. This movie broke records in the box office and it was directed by David Gordon Green, its two more sequels were instantly made. We were just treated to a new image that might tease Micheal Myer’s escape from the burning home of Laurie although unfortunately the movie Halloween Kills was delayed the whole entire year.

 Holloween Kills NNU

Lauri and her family united to fight off The Shape at the end of the movie Halloween, 2018. Micheal was stabbed, shot, and kicked by them until he was trapped in Laurie’s basement before they set the basement on fire. The sequel Holloween Kills is going to start just after the movie Halloween has ended and in it, we are going to see the iconic villain after he manages to escape his death. Michael Myers has survived almost every installment of a long-running horror franchise because he is not at all known for being easy to kill. In Halloween Kills it would be a bit turnaround as it looks like the whole town would be fighting back while Michael Myers will be seen in his continued rampage.

 Holloween Kills NNU

Holloween Kills

In the movie poster of Halloween Kills Micheal Myers is seen standing in front of Laurie’s burning house while he is armed with a metal pipe. Otherwise there is a possibility for Haddonfield’s hospital burning in that poster. In the clip which is shared to us, we saw that the lacation is pretty major or important in the movie where he will be killing a few people after getting in.

 Holloween Kills NNU

We don’t know how Micheal manages to escape from Laurie’s house but half of it is known that emergency services might have done that. In the clip we see Laurie along with his family crossover a firefighter truck which stirs their souls with horror that they might save Michael and then get killed. In hopes of making a larger box office profit the movie Halloween Kills is delayed a whole entire year which was originally getting released past October. The studio is hoping for the same success as they got for their first movie of the franchise with a stunning gross earning of $255 million dollars. Currently Holloween Kills is expected to release on 15th of October this year.

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