Trent Alexender broke the record for giving the ball away

Jurgen Klopp‘s side dropped more vital points in the title race as a result of which the 22-year-old Alexander Arnold struggled in large parts. On Thursday evening Alexander-Arnold attempted a total of 18 open play crosses but exceptionally he was unable to find any teammate with any of them. He has made at least 21 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool this season.

Squawka Trent Opinion

Squawka Trent | NNU
Squawka Trent | NNU

According to Squawka Trent is the only player in the Premier League across the last five seasons to not complete a single cross with over 12 attempts in a game as a result of which he is having his 0% success rate. The right-back lapped himself by losing control a mind-boggling 39 times in total against Burnley and just two weeks earlier he gave the ball away 38 times against Southampton in a 77-minute cameo which was a Premier League record at the time.

Jurgen Klopp’s move

Jurgen Klopp | NNU
Jurgen Klopp | NNU

Jurgen Klopp backed Alexander Arnold when former Liverpool goalkeeper David James urged him to drop Alexander so that he could have a breather. This suggestion was given back at the start of January. Klopp said that it was normal if someone played football in public making people used to the level of game Trent showed over the last three or four years as he had started playing with the team pretty much which was normal for him. He further said that in that kind of a game it was an obvious case of not performing his best game as he knew that and everyone else also knew that.

Although all the fans of Liverpool were pretty critical about the 22-year old’s performance against the side of Seam Dyche.

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