The US got its first woman Vice President as Kamala Harris

During a historic inauguration at the West Front of the Capitol, Indian origin Kamala Harris sworn in as America’s first woman Vice President. Harris who is the 49th Vice President of the US will serve as the deputy of the 46th President of the US, Joe Biden. The 61-year-old Vice President of the US, Mike Pence was replaced by Harris as she took over his office after the inauguration. While Donald Trump was succeeded over by Biden. The history of becoming the first-ever woman Vice President of the United States is scripted by Harris who is the daughter of an Indian immigrant from Chennai. Also, being the first female, first South Asian American, and the first Black vice president.

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Douglas Emhoff her husband is the first male spouse of the vice president in the US. Oath of office was administered by the first Latina member of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor to Harris. She was sworn in first by the Bible which belonged to the same family friend named Regina Shelton and second by the Bible which belonged to the country’s first African American Supreme Court Justice named Thurgood Marshall.

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Harris is the daughter of an African American father from Jamaica and an Indian mother. Her parents raised her in a bassinet of civil rights activism and she was born in Oakland, California in 1964.She was the daughter of a breast cancer researcher who died of cancer in 2009 and her name was Shyamala Gopalan Harris. Harris’s father is a Jamaican American professor of economics whose name is Donald. Her parents had divorced in 1972. Her activist parents pushed her in her carriage at civil rights marches, she often told this on the campaign trail.

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