Zayn Malik ‘Nobody Is Listening’ Released and Thing You Need To Know

Zayn Malik had released his last album called ‘Icarus Falls’ in 2018 which was a commercial flop album but was a critical hit. Now his new album which is just released today on 15th of January was more on the simple side rather than maximizing his genres like the previous album.The first words of the first song in the album ‘Nobody is listening’ which Zayn sings are “Nostalgia/ What a funny feeling”. This makes it clear for us that the tone of this album is going to be full of fascination, in introspective meditation and asking for a peaceful and soothing desire.

His previously album ‘Icarus Falls’ didn’t do well commercially but received a warm critical response from the critics and audience. That R&B album wasn’t included in any of the top 10 charts all over the globe. However, his fanbase appreciated the whole album his album didn’t do as well as it was expected all over the entire globe, which is why there is a lot of hype and expectations from the currently released album ‘Nobody is Listening’.

There is a lot of hard work and experimentation in this whole project. Unlike the last album, this album is filled with love ballads and soft tracks with a lot of savvy music videos. It was a bit different and shocking to hear such a soft album which doesn’t require massive concert halls and audiences. Instead, this album which consists of 11 tracks has a lot of intimacy and smoothness in it. Although some of its tracks are pretty disappointing but the album is strong enough to flourish on Zayn’s terms.

This new album of Zayn Malik is distinct and clear with 11 tracks, unlike his previous one which had 23 tracks as he learnt from his previous mistake. The previous album was very grand and with a lot of pop and R&B music in it but this album has been the rectification of his previous album. The first tack of the album is a banger named ‘Calamity’ in which he talks about his daughter along with the long term relationship with Gigi Hadid as he recaps his 10 years of life. This song is accompanied by some soft piano chords and beautiful words. Despite being some flaws in this new album he has matured a lot in his music from the previous album and he has worked on some issues which were glitching the previous album and now has started his new and fresh era of music.

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