BTS Band Featuring the Brand New #SamsungUnpacked Galaxy S21

With the help of the popular K-pop group BTS Samsung has announced the new Galaxy S21. They tweeted a video of BTS in the ad stating that it was one of their favourite #SamsungUnpacked moments with a dreamy sequence of @BTS_twt along with the new Samsung Galaxy S21. They urged the tech audience to wait till February.

#SamsungUnpacked | NNU

Portrait Mode of GalaxyS21 Praised by Everyone

Then they posted J-Hope and V. Jin with the new Galaxy buds pro. They tweeted their photo praising about the Galaxy Buds Pro teasing the fans with a glimpse of those products. The portrait mode of Galaxy S21 was advertised by Jimin, in the company’s tweet they praised the photo of him and the portrait mode of the phone to step up the charm of the K-Pop star.

The New Galaxy has a Feature to Flip

AI-enhanced, high-quality selfies were advertised by Suga, Jungkook and RM. They tweeted along with their photos that they were those stunning AI-enhanced high-quality selfies that the company was talking about. A new Bangtan Bomb was also released by BTS named ‘What’s Written on Jin and Jung Kook’s stuff?’ in which a rich man is seen who is trying to write on his new Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition and another rich man was seen who was carrying Cooky themed toiletry bag.

A new Run BTS episode is also released by BTS in which they act as producers and then they try to come up with different ideas for episodes. Further, they end up picking up two ideas for the other episodes.

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