Surviving Death Season 2: Release Date and Thing You need to know

Humans generally see death as a mysterious thing which they have tried to make sense for thousands of years. Netflix has recently launched a documentary series which shows death from people’s perspective who have seen it closely in some way. Surviving Death Season 2 is documentary also includes interviews with scientists, psychiatrists, paranormal experts, mediums. The concept for this documentary is taken by the best selling book of Leslie Kean and the documentary is directed and produced by Ricki Stern.

Surviving Death Season 2:netflix nnu

The series got just released in January 2021. Death is a topic which many people are curious about, its a universal concept and in this show, people are going to see full coverage on this topic along with the accounts of some people who survived after being declared physically dead.

Surviving Death Season 2: Release Date

Surviving death series just got released on 6th January 2021 which includes six episodes and each episode has a running time of 48-57 minutes. For the fans who wanted to know about season 2 should know that there is not any official announcement about the show’s renewal for season 2. Ricki Stern said that the show is release at the right time during the second wave of covid 19 pandemic and this series is going to explain grief, consciousness, reincarnation and communication with the people from beyond or the decease.

Surviving Death Season 2:netflix nnu
Surviving Death, episode 1 “Near-Death Experiences”. Cr. NETFLIX © 2021

We see Atlas a five-year-old child who very distinctly remembers his past life and James who in his childhood spent most of his time remembering extremely terrifying memories of a battle from another lifetime. His family tries to find any evidence which proved that he was from another time. In the whole documentary series, we see several families along with their experiences with mediums as they try to make a communication with the loved ones who died. In a handful of episodes mediums also talk about the experience of becoming a medium and what it takes to become one.

The final concluding episode of ‘Surviving Death’ takes up all the understanding of life and death and covers every single inch of the base topic. How this series has ended has indirectly indicated that season 2 of the is not gonna happen.

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