‘The Office’ to leave Netflix , thing to Know About it

The Office is leaving Netflix officially on the 1st of January and is going to exclusively stream on Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming service. It has successfully marked the end of the era along with Netflix. While Peacock has explained the streaming audience how they can watch all 201 episodes of The Office in Peacock. The first two seasons of The Office are streamed for free but from the third season, viewers have to pay a subscription of $4.99 per month with ads or $9.99 monthly without ads.

Peacock has stepped up the streaming material of The Office to gain more subscribers and also to attract more people towards watching the show. They have included some exclusive contents like bloopers, behind the scenes and interviews.

However, Netflix has a great loss in losing the show but it was coming on their way as the date was coming. The show was very popular with more than 52 billion minutes watch time in 2018 and almost 3% of watch time out of all shows on Netflix in the US.

Although Netflix has lost these comfort watching shows like Friends Last Year and now The Office it can still maintain its business by its in house content. They continuously release their originals and have a great variety of movies and shows. This year might not be so good for them as they got their shows pending to shoot and also to release but they may catch up next year as their shooting has already resumed and it continuously releases new shows and movies every month or week. Also, there are many competitors in the market which are giving head to head competition in the market but their content will decide who reaches to the top.

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