Family Man Season 2:Plot, Release Date, Cast And Thing You Need to Know

The Family Man which was released in 2019 was praised a lot for its great script and characterization. It became the audience favourite after its release. Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani Iyer and Sharib Hashmi were praised a lot for their characters. The craze of this series has outflown and people are waiting very eagerly for season 2 of this series. The Family Man Season 2 was schedule to release in December this year but no announcement has been made regarding the release date yet. However, we have some latest updates about season 2.

Family Man Season 2: Release Date

The Family Man Season 2 is going to be release in the february 12, 2021. This delay has been made due to covid 19 and the makers are planning to release this season Internationally. Season 2 was going to get release in December but it’s now stretche till 2021. Because considering the big fan following of the show in abroad also makers are trying to release season 2 in India and abroad at the same time. They are dubbing the season 2 in multiple languages for other countries.

In January with a meeting between the makers and producers a release date for season 2 will be announced. In Filmfare OTT Awards The Family Man and its star cast bagged several prizes. Manoj Bajpayee won Critics Choice Best Actor Award male, Priyamani won the Critics Choice Best Actor Award female and the show itself got awarded Critics Choice Best Series Award.

As we saw in The Family Man season 1 ending how we were left in a cliff hanger as the poisonous gas was going to get explode all over Delhi. It would be very interesting to watch in season 2. If it did explode or they were able to stop it and if they weren’t able to stop the explosion then what is going to happen next.

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