Apple releases Brand new exclusive iPhone 13

iPhone is going to release Brand new iPhone 13. We will be anytime expecting it but rumours about the next Brand new iPhone have already been spread around the globe. It is pretty difficult to speculate what’s going to be the new features in the next iPhone so damn early. But some of the early hints have given us some idea of what it’s gonna be. With those early hints, we have come to the conclusion that the next iPhone might be portless. Which is now possible due to MagSafe charging. We can also expect some big upgrades for displays, cameras and even battery technology.

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  •  We have heard that the new iPhone would come with multi-user support, the feature which we were waiting for years now.
  • Some leaked information says that there will be some huge up-gradation in the iPhone’s camera. The notch will get smaller in the display.
  • Jon Prosser has leaked that this new iPhone will have upgraded display with 120Hz refresh rate and an LTPO Panel.

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As we have seen from years now, the release pattern of Apple iPhones, iPhone 13 might launch on the fourth Friday of September i.e. 24th of September. Although due to this pandemic Apple iPhone 12 was released a bit more later in October. iPhone 13 might get launched on schedule.

iPhone 13 PRICE

From the reports of the analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, we expect iPhone 13 to get launched in the market with four different size variants.

  • First one with a display size of 5.4 inches (iPhone mini),
  • the second one with a display size of 6.1 inches (iPhone 13),
  • the third one with the same display size but with other increased specs(iPhone 13 pro) and fourth
  • the last one with a display size of 6.7 inches (iPhone 13 pro max).

The prices of these four different size variants would be the same as iPhone 12 as $699, $799, $899 and $1099 respectively because Apple tends to make its prices rigid so there won’t be many changes in the price.

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Architectural Design

However from a few years now the iPhones are not having any drastic changes in its new phones. So it is expected that the iPhone 13 might be having some drastic changes in it. It started from its portless design in which even file transfer would also become wireless. Technology which could revolutionise the wireless smartphone industry of not having any cables to it for doing anything. It is also speculated that Apple might bring back the old fingerprint sensor along with the face id. Either it may be an on-screen fingerprint sensor or a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone just below the power button.


As usual, iPhone 13 will have the successor of iPhone 12’s processor i.e. A14 bionic chips. The A15 bionic chips will have a 4-nanometer process node more compact than A14’s 5-nanometer process node. If the speculations are true then iPhone 13’s wireless connectivity would boost the market of iPhones. But the wireless chargers shouldn’t take long hours to charge the phone. The settlement between Apple and Qualcomm has revealed that iPhone 13 would be using Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem which would increase the performance of the device.

iPhone 13 will also have WiFi 6E. It would allow the users to use the WiFi network with a more increased speed. It has also been hinted that the iPhone 13 will adopt liquid crystal polymer circuit boards. The end product would increase the speed of data transfer to a new level. However, the iPhone 13 storage variants would be the same but Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the new iPhones might increase the battery capacity through using soft battery technology starting from iPhone 13.

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Camera Quality

We have heard that iPhone 13 will offer a new 6 element ultrawide lens, the successor of iPhone 12’s 5 elements ultrawide lens. It will also offer autofocus capability. To improve the optical camera zoom Apple is looking for “folded lens” camera for iPhone 13. Apple has increased optical magnification without increasing the size of the phone by having a periscope like design which means the telephoto lens would be stacked vertically instead of horizontally. Reports tell us that iPhone 13 will have a major hardware boost along with the accommodation of larger sensors in the phones for better quality photos. We don’t know yet in which variant it’s coming.

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