Mumbai in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

Christopher Nolan comes back with another mind-bending movie. Tenet is the kind of movie which makes you ask, ‘Wait, what happened?!’ It is like a breath of fresh air. We have seen so many time-travel movies, but this is something new, a totally new approach to show time jumps and different timelines. The way Nolan shot Tenet is beautiful. Only Nolan can think of sequences where things are happening in reverse and normally simultaneously. This movie needs to be watched on the big screen. It may require more than once to understand it fully. The cast did their job beautifully.

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Christopher Nolan is back

Nolan again comes back with a masterpiece which can play with our heads for a long time. Our grey cells have recently been twisted and turned by the German web series ‘Dark’. But Tenet adds time travelling to another level. It cannot be placed into a particular genre but it is much like Inception. “Does your head hurt yet? “, this dialogue by Rober Pattinson sums up the film best.

Dimple Capadia International Debut

The actors portrayed their individual characters brilliantly. The international debut of Dimple Capadia was exciting and she was brilliant in each scene. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Neil claims appreciation. The protagonist, John David Washington, is a promising actor and he has done a wonderful job in Tenet. The background score, action sequences all are well-knitted and arranged. A certain portion of the film was shot in Mumbai which is quite exciting for the Indians.

dimple-kapadia-tenet | NNU

Tenet is a heavy ride which needs special attention to be understood. But it will always make sense in one’s head. Time inversion, reverse entropy, laws of thermodynamics, physical algorithm, maxwell’s demon everything was served into a single platter. It should be a must-watch.

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